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Job Board

Electrification Coalition


Communications Director


You’ll Work On: 

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive communications strategy that increases visibility for the EC’s goals and mission; provide organization-wide leadership on communications strategy for all projects and initiatives.

  • Define and lead the EC’s communications priorities to expand the organization’s impact.

  • Lead external communications for the organization, including media relations, social media, website management, proactive storytelling, stakeholder engagement, and publication of reports and outreach materials; ensure that all external communications are conducted in a unified, consistent voice.

  • Advance the EC’s organizational visibility through media engagement, message development, thought leadership, events, and publications.

  • Collaborate closely with our campaigns and policy teams to develop integrated communications and advocacy initiatives, including digital marketing campaigns and product launches.

  • Direct a small but growing communications team to achieve programmatic and project goals and meet critical deadlines; hire and manage team members and support their professional growth; be a strong mentor to direct reports and colleagues throughout the EC.

  • Direct the work of outside contractors who provide services such as website development, digital tool development, graphic design, social media campaigns, and digital advocacy.

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Program Associate – Freight Electrification  


You’ll Work On: 

  • Supporting the EC Freight Electrification Program: Support a team in developing and implementing an effort to electrify freight across the U.S., support pilot programs, policy analysis and advocacy, market development strategies, technical assistance, and public/private sector partnerships. 

  • Writing and reviewing: Ongoing program documentation including reports and papers. 

  • Corporate engagement: Including ongoing engagement with the significant network of partners the EC has already established and continuing to build upon this to strengthen our freight work. 

  • Thought leadership and organization representation: Contribute to technical documents and white papers, attend and present at external events as a representative of the EC and our Freight Electrification program, raising awareness of the EC’s work, and build relationships with relevant parties. 

  • Organize events: Including online forums, webinars, and occasionally in-person events.  

  • Work inter-departmentally: Support the development and communications divisions to provide support as required. 

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Program Manager

  • Position: Program Manager

  • Team: Electric Vehicle Programs

  • Locations: Remote


You’ll Work On: 

  • Leading innovative and transformative EV Roadmap Documents: Lead a team of experienced staff and external stakeholders in completing an influential transportation electrification roadmap for cities and territories across the United States;

  • EV Accelerator Activities: Advise on a broad set of strategies to facilitate widespread adoption of electric vehicles and installation of associated infrastructure for stakeholders including municipalities, developers, and property owners/managers.

  • Support EV analysis: Evaluate current EV market, make projections as to the future penetration rates of EVs, and map out a pathway to accommodate growth in new sales;

  • Organization representation: Attend external events as a representative of the EC and the city’s EV roadmap team, raising awareness of the EC’s work, and build relationships with relevant parties;

  • Support other departments: Provide programmatic and policy support to the EC’s development and communications departments as required.

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Technical Specialist 


You’ll Work On: 

  • Creating and designing infrastructure planning tools and EV fleet management tools to ensure high utilization and program success.

  • Managing day-to-day operation and curation of EC tools and resources, including: the Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification (DRVE Tool), EV Purchasing Collaborative, City Federal Funding Guide, and other go-to resources.

  • Collaborating with all-star public and private partners to support the transition to electric in fleets and across communities.

  • Supporting cities by ensuring that the public agencies are getting needed resources to successfully incorporate EVs into their fleets.

  • Building and strengthening the EC’s and your own relationship with fleets across the country.

  • Developing communications materials to foster broad city and other sub-national partner engagement.

  • Using your excellent communications skills to liaise directly with fleets.

  • Using your keen attention to detail and organizational skills to facilitate project reporting and tracking. This will include working with project management and customer relationship management databases.

  • Being Social! Help develop outreach and conference activities to communicate program impacts.

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Campaigns Organizer

  • Position: Campaigns Organizer

  • Team: Electric Vehicle Policy

  • Locations: Florida/Georgia/Remote


You’ll Work On: 

  • EV Policy Engagement: Support and be aware of emerging policy, innovations, and opportunities for transportation electrification.

  • Organization Representation: Attend external events as a representative of the EC and its state policy team, raising awareness of the EC’s work, and build relationships with relevant parties.

  • Event Organizing: Develop, implement and support a range of in-person events, potentially including but not limited to press conferences, public panels, lobby days, and coalition meetings.

  • Build EC’s Online Communities: Increase the EC’s online presence and build support for policy and programs via social media platforms and email communication.

  • Support Other Departments: Provide policy support and progress reports to the state policy team, in addition to leadership, plus the EC’s development and communications departments as required.

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Policy Manager

  • Position: Policy Manager

  • Team: Electric Vehicle Policy

  • Locations: Florida/Georgia/Remote


You’ll Work On: 

  • Policy Leadership: Manage opportunity analyses for EV policy to guide stakeholder engagement and demonstrate the rationale and impacts for a range of policy options based on different metrics.

  • Execution of the Project Planning, Goal Setting, Strategic Coordination, Resource Management and Tracking: Lead the management of select projects, which includes adherence to program budgets, implementing a strategic process, evaluating and adjusting the plan, and reporting.

  • Mobilizing Stakeholders: Contribute to customized technical and policy training in priority states, which will bring together key stakeholders.

  • Outreach and Expanding Partnerships: Manage a portfolio of diverse partner organizations and/or organizing consultants. Participating in and presenting at conferences, events and webinars, and evaluating collaborative opportunities with external organizations.

  • Initiative Deployment and Network Activation: Launch implementation programs in strategic locations that will help build political support, influence key local and state-level decision makers, and help to increase public/private investment in electrification.

  • Remote Team Participation: Responsible for managing remote staff, interns and consultants.

  • Coordination within EC Departments to Support Program Goals: Coordinating within multiple departments to meet defined goals/timelines.

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